Subrahmaniya Swami Temple Haripad (100 meters)
This is the oldest and most important of all Subrahmanya temples in Kerala. One of the most prestigious centres of pilgrimage in South India. And an evidence of the
excellence of Southern architecture. Subrahmanya Swamy temple is situated at haripad. The image of the deity with four arms is also the biggest of the kind. It is believed to have been originally worshipped by Parashurama.In 1921 A.D a fire destroyed the temple. It was rebuilt with the anakottil (elephants hed), kuttambalam, a big tank etc
Several annual festivals are celebrated in this temple the Avani Utsavam in Chingom (August- September), Markazhi Utsavam in Dhanu (November- December), Chitra Utsavam in Medom (April-May), Kartika in Vrischikam (November- December) and Taipuyam (January- February). Kavadiyattam dance with Kavadi is the most important offering here. Kavadi is a bow-shaped wooden structure decorated with tapestry and peacock feathers carried on the shoulders of pilgrims as an offering to God Subrahmanya.